AI Hearing Aids

Artificial intelligence, or AI, might make you think of science fiction or robots. In today’s technological world, AI describes a machine equipped with the ability to learn like humans do, without limits.

One of the common problems experienced by people with hearing loss is that the settings they use in one environment aren’t effective in another environment. For example, your hearing aid might work perfectly at home, but not so well when you go shopping.

The AI component in hearing aids allows users to make adjustments to their hearing aid via a smartphone app.

How does artificial intelligence work in hearing aids?

The app is remotely connected to your hearing aid and collects data on how you use your device, like when you adjust the volume up or down, or which custom settings you create.

The app uses this information to help you make the precise adjustments you need for optimal hearing, in any environment.

Why is an AI hearing aid better than a standard device?

If you already use a hearing aid, you know that you can adjust the settings once your audiologist has fitted your hearing aid. The adjustment functions are useful for changing frequency bands, and for reducing or increasing sounds from bass, middle, and high ranges.

However, finding the perfect combination of adjustments for optimal hearing can be a challenge, and it can be frustrating that when you move to a new environment, your hearing aid needs adjusting. AI takes away the burden of making adjustments manually.

How does the artificial intelligence learn what settings I like?

The AI uses an algorithm developed specifically to enable your hearing aid to function according to your individual needs. When you adjust a setting, the data gets recorded, and by applying the algorithm, the app compares and adjusts settings based on what it has learned from collecting your preference data.

Are hearing aids with artificial intelligence suitable for anyone?

Hearing aids that use AI are not much different from standard models, so if you can wear a hearing aid, there’s no reason why you can’t use one with AI capabilities. If you want to find out more, and you’d like to speak to Bee Pathak to discover the advantages of AI hearing aids, call Hearing & Balance Services of Reston today, or book an appointment online.

*This device has the capability to translate up to 27 different languages.