Nowadays, there are so many more options with regards to choosing new hearing aids. As time goes by you will want to discover newer models and find new features that suit your changing preferences and requirements. There are a number of benefits to having hearing aids when you have hearing loss, so it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your devices. Here are a handful of signs to take note of when it comes to upgrading your hearing aids to a newer model.

How Long Do They Last?

Hearing aids tend to last around three-to-seven years and they can begin to deteriorate as time goes by. Once you start to notice a change in your hearing aids it’s important to seek out professional maintenance from your audiologist. If you start to notice heightened background noises and wind, this is a clear sign that your hearing aids are due an upgrade. General wear and tear from daily usage can also contribute to deterioration, so it is a matter of time until you need to seek out a better option.

Your Hearing Changes

It is inevitable that your hearing will go through changes as you get older, which means that your hearing aids will need to be upgraded too. Changing your earmold may be a necessary upgrade as the shape of your ear may alter as the years go on. Visiting an audiologist regularly will help you to stay on top of your hearing tests so that you have peace of mind that your hearing aids are doing their job for you. As you get older you may require more powerful hearing aids to help with more severe hearing loss.

Alterations to Your Lifestyle

If you are thinking about changing your lifestyle in any way, it’s likely that your hearing aids will need an upgrade too. Nowadays you can get hearing aids with volume controls, smartphone linkage and other connectivity. If you take up a new hobby such as outdoor exercise, you may want to invest in a hearing aid that is more suited to withstanding noisier environments. Once you have spoken with your audiologist about the changes to your lifestyle, they will be able to recommend a hearing aid that is suited to your needs, preferences and hobbies.

Before you make the decision to change your hearing aids and invest in new ones, you should speak to your audiologist for tailored advice. Getting new hearing aids is a decision you should make with your audiologist, because they are the only ones who really know what you need to get from your device. As soon as your next hearing appointment is due, you can have this discussion with your audiologist and determine the next steps for you with regards to getting new hearing aids.

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